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Residential Care Services

Rita Sen’s residential care planning services. As we live longer, more and more people are finding that they reach a stage in their lives where they no longer wish, or are no longer able, to live entirely independently.

Moving into residential care can be a traumatic and expensive business, affecting not only the person moving, but also other family members. Giving up your own home (and the perceived reduction in independence) is never an easy step to take. Recent publicity about some of the difficulties that have been faced by residents of Care Homes have exacerbated the worries that many people feel. However, in reality, there may be little, or no, real choice.

Rita Sen Solicitors has many years’ experience in helping its clients to make the transition to residential care as smoothly and economically as possible. We have regular contact with a wide range of Residential Care Providers and can assist in the often daunting task of selecting a Home that best suits the needs of the individual.

In appropriate cases our Conveyancing Department will be more than happy to assist with the disposal of related property and, of course, we can advise on appropriate Lasting Powers of Attorney that may be helpful in taking the administrative burden of the move from the shoulders of the person moving.

We can advise on funding alternatives, including any assistance that may be available from any source. We will work closely with any Financial Adviser who may be assisting you. Alternatively we have links with Expert Financial Advisers who are able to report on how best the cost of residential care may be met. Together with any Financial Adviser we will consider any tax implications of funding proposals, help to set up any suitable investments and make sure that care home fees can be paid on a regular basis.

As in any matter in which we are instructed, we will provide clear, understandable advice in plain English and will always tell you in advance what our likely charges will be. Naturally, we are completely independent and, while we maintain excellent relationships with Care Home Providers and Financial Advisers, we act purely in your interests.

We do not accept any payment or other benefit from any third party. We understand that each case must be dealt with on its own merits and we take the time to understand your requirements, to put your mind at ease so far as we can and to implement any agreed actions with as little inconvenience and worry to you as possible.

Whatever we are undertaking on your behalf we will make sure that you are kept fully informed and will help to make sure that any decisions that you have to make are made in full understanding of the facts and the options that are available to you.

Of course, once you have made the move we can continue to be of assistance if you wish, making sure that there are no difficulties and helping with other matters such as your will. The level of our assistance, however, is entirely a matter for you

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